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DVS - Kontrolne Sobe


Since our first projects in 2004, we have specialized in the field of projecting, designing and implementing turnkey solutions for command centers. We offer complete solutions for command and control, dispatch and data centers, wherever it is necessary  continuous monitoring of various processes of high importance and risk 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the design and implementation of our solutions, we have always been guided by the specific requirements of our clients who came from different market sectors: monitoring  industrial processes, control of road, rail and river traffic, analysis of telecommunication data traffic,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in energy, constant monitoring of production, transmission and consumption of electricity, control of access to facilities of special importance such as facilities of the army, police, state institutions and public services.

Accelerated climate changes that cause droughts, fires, floods, earthquakes require continuous monitoring of atmospheric parameters  which can be a potential danger to the population, and successful management in crisis situations  is the only thing possible carried out through highly technologically equipped "control rooms" where all data flows into one place.

Continuous monitoring of operators 24/7 is realized in control rooms via  high-resolution "video walls", which are characterized by full compatibility with other equipment, reliability and redundancy  system, as well as a long service life of 100,000 hours with low maintenance costs, all based on the integration of the most modern technological solutions in this field.   For its integrations, DVS uses the products of our partners who are the leading manufacturers of components   in this area, and which are an indispensable part of installations of this type around the world, confirmed directly and by themselves operators in control rooms who are thoroughly familiar with their characteristics,  video display quality, where reliability and easy maintenance reach their full potential.

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Control Command Centers

DVS Energetika


A reliable and efficient 24/7 monitoring system in the field of energy contributes both to the prevention and quick resolution of possible failures on the network, as well as to significant savings in the production and transmission of electricity.

DVS Telecommunications


In the control and command and operational centers of telecommunications companies and mobile operators, the state of the telecommunications and GSM network and data transmission is constantly monitored.

DVS Traffic


The safety of highways, tunnels, rail networks, waterways and air traffic is highly dependent on the availability and readability of real-time data to enable effective response.

Defense security and emergency situations


In security centers such as military command centers, rescue services, air traffic control and coast guard, emergency centers need constant monitoring by video cameras.

DVS Industry


Modern industrial plants are based on high automation of work processes. ​​For efficient management and monitoring of processes in industrial plants, developed software is used where constancy is necessary.

DVS TV Studio and broadcast


The application of high resolution "video walls" is multiple in "broadcast", both in direction and as part of scenography in TV shows, news, commercial programs.


Control Command Centers

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