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DVS - Usluge


The DVS company has the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to design, install and maintain advanced audio-visual systems in various environments such as corporate offices, public spaces, educational institutions, entertainment venues, etc..

DVS specializes in AV integration, which involves designing and installing audio-visual systems that are intuitive, flexible and easy to use. Our solutions include the integration of components such as projectors, displays, speakers, microphones and control systems into a cohesive and functional system. As experts in  AV integrations we know audio and video signal flow, equipment compatibility, network integration and user experience design.

Our expertise in control and command rooms includes the design and integration of audio-visual systems that provide reliable, high-quality audio and video communication, data visualization and system control. We are experts in network architecture, user interface design and system redundancy.  

We also have expertise in   the field of digital signage which includes designing and implementing digital display systems that deliver dynamic and engaging content to target audiences.

Unleash your potential with our AV expertise

Enhancing your audio-visual experience with cutting-edge technology. 


Onsite support

Remote monitoring

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