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DVS Objedinjena Komunikacija


Modern visual technologies fundamentally change the way of doing business and communication. They bring benefit at all levels, from management whose goal is efficient business, profitable investment and low maintenance costs, to employees and clients who are provided with greater flexibility in work, an opportunity for creativity and unhindered collaboration.

The technologies necessary for digital business are already there in the form of mobile devices, interactive solutions, video conference systems, Digital Signage solutions and numerous software for wireless networking and  accelerated communication at all levels. They find their application in the most diverse spheres: daily operations of companies, cultural institutions, banks, state institutions, educational institutions, healthcare, hospitality, etc.

Transform audio and video into a seamless immersive experience

Consult with our team specialized in the implementation of various AV & IT solutions in the corporate, public and educational sectors in order to get to know your real needs and offer an adequate solution.

The process


Return on investment

New technologies


Unified communication

DVS Unified Communication Corporate application


The introduction of advanced technologies into the corporate sphere has enabled many companies to embark on the path of digital transformation.

DVS United Communication Shopping Centers


In order to cope with the growing number of competitors, many shopping centers are finding new ways to attract and retain consumers.

DVS United Bank Communication


Along with the digitization of banking, intensive work has been done in recent years to modernize bank branches...

DVS United Communication Museums


In order to maintain the number of museum visitors, it is necessary to constantly introduce new, creative and dynamic solutions.

DVS United Communication Hotels


The application of modern audio visual technologies in the catering sector has been growing significantly over the past years.

DVS Unified Communication of State Institutions


Visual technologies are increasingly represented in state institutions, the army, the police, communal services, and government premises.


Unified Communication

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