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DVS Usluge


We provide consulting services according to your requirements in the field of audio visual technologies.

Our professionals are specialized in the integration of AV technologies in existing construction and architectural projects of new and renovation of existing buildings.

We work with our clients to design, plan and implement AV systems for various settings such as: control and command centers, conference rooms, lecture halls, amphitheatres, modern offices for hybrid work, theaters, museums, entertainment venues and the like.


As part of the consultation, we are guided by your needs and propose adequate solutions in accordance with the set goals and planned budgets of the client in order to determine the most suitable AV technological solution and their specific application.

The consultation includes the following steps:

  • Needs assessment

  • System design proposal

  • Selection of AV / IT equipment

  • Information about the installation and integration process

  • Information about the time required for system training and testing

Contact our experts for solutions

The DVS Team ensures that your AV system is adequately designed and integrated into your existing business systems, and with our support we ensure the fully efficient functioning of the AV system.

Needs assessment

Design proposal

Choice of equipment


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