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Digital Signage is a dynamic form of communication that is achieved by the application of latest software solutions on various visual devices, from tablets, professional monitors to large screen formats in LED and transparent LED technology. Digital Signage is an ideal marketing tool for all types of public spaces, where there is a need for communication with visitors, users or customers. The monitors from this group are ideal for use in various areas, restaurants, hotels, corporations, cultural institutions, industry of entertainment, commercial buildings. Digital Signage installations use all available space in the best way, and with innovative solutions regarding installation and positioning of monitors to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Digital Signage as a concept is a system of visual content distribution through a local or global network, from a centralized position. The integration of multiple monitors into a Digital Signage system is enabled by a Digital Signage software whose server application is installed on the central server that manages the entire system, and client applications installed on local computers or computers that display content on the monitors. The software performs a centralized distribution of various content and information, which is simultaneously displayed at all or only selected locations, in the entire or only part of the screen, at pre-scheduled time intervals with the given number of repetitions.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Sports and entertainment


Digital Signage applications, thanks to innovative solutions regarding the way of mounting and positioning of monitors, meet even the most demanding installations, including those outdoors.

Digital Signage Healthcare


Digital Signage is becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry, as it offers a flexible and engaging way to communicate with patients, visitors and staff.

Digital signage Shopping Mall


Digital Signage solutions provide wide possibilities of integration into the existing space with the application of a wide range of monitors from large video walls, through interactive monitors, to advertising totems.

Digital pharmacy signage


Digital signage is increasingly used in pharmacies as a means of communicating with customers and promoting products and services.

Digital Signage Transport and traffic


The application of Digital Signage solutions in the field of traffic and transport is on the rise. Digital Signage solutions replace traditional ways of notifying passengers at airports, metro and railway stations...

Bank's Digital Signage


Digital signage is used in banks and insurance companies as a means of communicating with clients and promoting products and services.


Digital Signage

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