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DVS - AV Integracija


Integration is the process of combining audio and visual technologies to create a seamless system that meets the client's needs.

The process of AV integration can be divided into several stages: 

  • Needs Assessment: The first step in the AV integration process is to assess the client's needs and goals. This includes understanding the type of environment in which the system will be used, the intended audience, and the specific use cases of the AV system.

  • System Design: Based on the needs assessment, the AV integrator will create a system design that includes a detailed layout of the AV components and how they will be integrated into the environment. This includes selecting the appropriate AV equipment, such as projectors, screens, speakers, microphones and cameras, as well as determining their placement and wiring. Installation: Once the system design is complete, the AV integrator will install the AV components into the environment. This includes running the cabling, mounting the equipment and connecting all the components together.

  • Configuration: After installation is complete, the AV integrator will program the AV system to ensure it is working properly. This includes setting up the user interface, adjusting audio and visual settings, and configuring the control system. 

  • Testing and Validation: Once the configuration is complete, the AV integrator will test and validate the system to ensure it works as intended. This includes testing audio and visual quality, checking that all components are properly integrated, and checking that the control system is working properly.

  • User Training: An extremely important step in the AV integration process is providing user training. This includes training AV System users and operators how to use the system, how to troubleshoot common problems, and how to perform basic maintenance tasks.

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